Sunday, December 04, 2005


The hotel wasn't super luxurious but it had a great view of the Hudson River and Broadway. All my furniture had been packed up and I was to live from my suitcases for the next two months. These would be my final pictures of NYC.

It was a somber taxi ride to the airport. A mixture of excitement and dread was churning my stomach. "What was I thinking?" I thought. "You're crazy as hell."

And then I rolled my bag up the business class line and my doubt suddenly melted away when the attendent said "Here's your pass to the Executive Lounge." Sweet Jesus! Is this what I've been missing? Wasting my life away in coach? Free breakfast, free drinks, free liqour, free internet, lounge chairs, zen-like garden, maids? What the hell?

So in common college student fashion, I pile the tiny china plates high with pastries and fruit and then stuffed a few extra in my carry-on for good measure.

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