Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Glen Park Ginza East

Finally, with the pressure of soon having to pay $240 per night for an extended stay at Roppongi Mansions (the serviced apartment), I made an offer. Hehe.

My agent and I negotiated for no key money, no maintenance fee, no renewal fee, and a free fridge and washing machine. Hallelujah! But I'm still paying out of my ass for rent as they wouldn't budge on the rent. Ah well, you win some you lose some.

So, my company shipped my furniture from NY but it hadn't arrived by my move in date. As a result, they gave me rental furniture. It was only at that moment I started to panic about what was coming by sea. The rental furniture was smaller and fewer than my own furniture so I panicked.

I was 100% certain that my furniture would not fit in here. But, to make it worse, my new Japanese friends were certain about that too. They all laughed at me. Hehe. Even the delivery men from the shipping company laughed in Japanese. They laughed and I cried inside. But they fit! They all fit - minus the few bins I have stored on my balcony.

So this is my new pad at GlenPark Ginza East. Whether I like it or not it's mine for the next two years.


Anonymous said...

well well....welcome to the japanese lifestyle..

Can we all fit in this place?

Calvin and Colina

Japanese Island Girl said...

Only room enough for 1.2 people.