Monday, December 05, 2005

The Flight

Never expected to enjoy a 13hr flight, but I did. Despite the fact that the stewardess was snobbing me the whole way, I enjoyed it. I guess she can smell "Poor" a mile away. But the guy next to me got tons of extra care from the same witch.

There were bedroom slippers for each person and free newspapers and magazines (but they were all in japanese). We got a menu to select dinner, breakfast and unlimited snacks-and I don't mean peanuts. Snacks were mini pizza, salad, soup etc. Whatever you do, don't get the japanese style lunch. Go Western. Trust me.

My favorite was the entertainment. I had my own little tv where I played video games, watched 4 movies and 2 sitcoms. Then I tested out the various seat positionings - relax, recline and bed. I slept like a baby with drool and everything.

The flight was great!

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