Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Old Christmas Cake

Christmas is a terrible time to be single. But it's even worse for a single Japanese female. It's quite funny because I was playing Christmas Carols in office to help get everyone in the mood. But later I found out that I was in fact torturing the girls that sit around me.

I've heard women be called many names - some endearing and some not so endearing - but this was the first time to hear them likened to Christmas Cake. Yes, Christmas Cake. Here it is said "Like Christmas Cake women are no good after 25." I didn't get it at first, but it means that after Dec 25th no one wants Christmas Cake and no one wants a woman over the age of 25. :-O

Can you believe that crap? Luckily it was a woman who explained it to me because I wouldn't have taken it so kindly from a man. So every Christmas single women moan in unison as they feel the pressure of not being able to get a man.

My Japanese girlfriend explained to me that she's 30 and single so that makes her a 5 yr old Christmas Cake. Me? I'm a 1 yr old Christmas Cake. Grrreeaaat! :-S

On another note, here are some random pics of the season.

Christmas Tree made entirely out of ice outside the office building.

Why'd they have to go an' mess with the Colonel?

It's 30 degrees and they still insist on lining up around the building and down the street for ice-cream. Buy shares in Cold Stone!

I just couldn't capture how pretty all the lights were. But they were.


Essence said...

Ogenki Desu ka? maybe I can practice my Nipon with you. Sounds like you're having a blast!! Keep the blog going, I'll try to keep up with what's happening with you across the world.

Japanese Island Girl said...

Genki desu! That's all you got? :p

Anonymous said...

I wasnt aware that you were single. Thanks for letting me know that???