Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Coco Winery

My mama always wanted me to be more cultured... well actually she wanted me to be more of a lot of things but that's another story. And here I am at my first visit to a vineyard and winery.
This entire estate was created by people with learning disabilities. A professor, who observed that his special needs students were doing poorly in the classroom, put them to work on a hill so that they could have skills and be useful in the society.

Over 50 years ago, they started planting simple table grapes. Today they've created what's considered to be the best vineyard and winery in Japan.

We were there to lend a helping hand in the fields. In general, grapes need to grow in dryer climates but we were in the midst of the rainy season - not good for the grapes. As a result, we had to cover the bunches with bags to protect them from mold, bugs and disease.

After all of our fine work, we received a full guided tour of the entire facilities. We learned about the wide variety of grapes, how to make wine, store it, bottle it, everything.

Then we got to sample serveral types of wine. I seem to have a liking for the cheap, sweet stuff. No Surprise there!

It's amazing all that goes into making the perfect bottle of wine.

What d'ya think of me now? Am I cultured or what?

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