Thursday, August 23, 2007

Goodbye and Good Luck

They call this the pass-through city. Not many people stay; not many people make this their home. So, you come to expect that people will leave. You expect it, but you don't like it.

I've lost a few good friends this year. But this one is particularly hard for me - my sidekick, Denny.

We were a team of explorers - practically inseparable as we became Tokyo misfits, breaking social order one rule at a time.

I've really enjoyed my stay here because of her. I had many first experiences with her. And, I uncovered a lot of things about myself around her.

She's someone that has definitely made a difference to my life. But this is a new chapter for both of us. Good luck Denny, will miss you... deeply.


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Japanese Island Girl said...

ok now, enough is enough. Time for you to come back!