Monday, June 25, 2007

The Upper Hand Girlfriend

A friend of mine posted this picture. It's of a store window with a self-description of the designer - the upper hand girlfriend.

Who the hell calls themselves an upper hand girlfriend? But more importantly, what is a upper hand girlfriend?

Of course, I have a theory. I think it's like being the no.1 wife, the head mistress, the leading lady... and, in Japan, this is really very common.

Japan is a man's world in so many ways and this is another example of that. Infidelity - well I don't even know if it can be labelled as such since the women seem to accept it. Having a wife and mistress, or having multiple girlfriends, or even frequenting hostess clubs... all acceptable.

Even earlier this year a friend of mine was propositioned by a handsome man. A handsome man, husband of less than one year, young and still happily married; yet, he's in the market for a mistress. Fortunately or unfortunately she relocated shortly after. But between you and me, she would have done it. Don't be surprised! You forgot I said he was handsome... (^_^)

Personally, I don't care to be a upper hand girlfriend. I'm way to selfish for that mess.

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Anonymous said...

Well you know how it goes. Too many women, too few men...