Thursday, May 04, 2006

Rock, Paper,... Plastic?

I may lose some of my best Japanese friends for what I'm about to confess today. The truth is, I don't recycle! I can feel the backlash already.

The thing is, I just can't fit 6 different bins in my little kitchen. And recycling in Japan is the most complex system I've ever seen which requires a lot more brain power than I'm able to spare.

Still, I always feel guilty when I go to take my trash down. I try to go when it's all clear to make a swift dump and run.

Sorting includes:
- Paper
- Plastic
- Cans
- Boxes
- PET bottles
- Burnables
- Non Burnables... Did I miss anything?

So let's say you go to Wendy's for a quick refreshing drink. When it's all done, the straw goes in "plastics" but the straw wrapper goes in "paper". Then, you dump the ice and left over drink in "liquids", the cup in "burnable", and the lid in "plastic". Phew!

"How about you just shoot some soda straight into my mouth from behind the counter and let's call it a day..."

Now can you see my dilemma? I can barely get the garbage directly into the trash can without all this added pressure. If you ask me, everything is burnable. Paper - burnable. Plastic - burnable. Weapons of mass destruction - burnable! :-s

Don't get me wrong, I love Mother Earth too. But this is a bit excessive.


Jay said...

You just lazy :-P

Japanese Island Girl said...

And the backlash begins :)

Essence said...

bad bad girl you are! Recycling is such a very important aspect of our lives and for that of our children and our children's children. But it's really not that technical here and trust me I can't keep up either! Bad bad girls WE ARE!!

Japanese Island Girl said...

Oh yes, Born to be Bad!