Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Myth or Fact - Part 1- Japan is The Safest Place

FACT - I do feel safer here.

Japan is not without crime, but the crimes here are less random. "Crimes of Passion" is how I would classify them. As long as I don't piss people off, I should live to see another day.

Here are some news highlights from this week's Metropolis Magazine.
  • A 37-year-old unemployed man from Osaka admitted cutting up his dead mother’s body, grilling the pieces on an electric hotplate, setting them in concrete and leaving them in the backyard after she bugged him about getting a job. He said he thought if he grilled the body parts they wouldn’t smell.

  • The Kanagawa government was ordered to pay ¥5.5 million to the family of a man who died after police left him injured inside his jeep, which had been involved in an accident. The police, who moved the damaged vehicle off the road with the unconscious man inside, said they thought he was asleep.

  • A woman from Nara Prefecture who played pop music at top volume for two and a half years to annoy her neighbors was sent to jail.

  • A Sapporo Department store planning an exhibition about people abducted by North Korea canceled the event after it received letters threatening its staff and customers.

  • A 70-year-old man turned himself into the police after strangling his wife with the cord of an electric water pot. He said he was exhausted from nursing the sick woman.

  • A 78-year-old woman and her 49-year-old daughter starved to death in Kitakyushu. Another daughter, age 47, was taken to the hospital too emaciated to walk and said she hadn’t eaten for two months. It is thought that the mother had been dead for more than a year by the time she was found by the police.

  • A 15-year-old boy admitted killing his 13-year-old girlfriend in a vacant pachinko parlor by strangling her then hitting her with a piece of wood. He declined to give a reason.

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