Thursday, March 30, 2006

Seaweed Heaven

ahhhhhhhhhhh... Sorry, I just had the most relaxing weekend and I can't contain myself. ahhhhhhhhhhh
Ok, it's out of my system, now down to business.

It was a girl's day out, and three of us travelled two hours to get to this magical place. It's a spa - a different kind of spa - that uses seawater, varying levels of water pressure, and sea weed to relax and refresh you.

Treatment 1 - Seaweed wrap. They smeared my body with a seaweed mixture and wrapped me in plastic and a heated blanket to nourish my skin and draw out impurities.

Treatment 2 - Water Exercise. They used a combination of hot and freezing cold water to improve blood circulation. They also used jets of seawater and key body movements to target muscles we usually neglect.

Treatment 3 - Seaweed lunch? Yes, I had a bowl of seaweed soup. It's supposed to have anti-cancer effects and provides soluble fiber and omega 3 fats and promotes thyroid health. But tasted like a bowl of hot seawater to me.

Treatment 4 - Water Massage. They submerged my body in a tub of water and a handsome Japanese guy used high water pressure to massage my entire body: head to toe. No hands, only water, and it was gooood. And I got a quick lesson on the Japanese names for body parts.

Treatment 5 - The pool of Eden. Sure to be related to the Garden of Eden. The pool is constructed so intricately that each different spot, wherever you stand, treats a different part of your body. All of it filled with nothing else but 100% fresh Seawater.

At the end of it all, I felt like a new woman. Even though the trek back home was painful, it was well worth it and I'd definitely do it again.


Anonymous said...

how did you do that with the photo? its looks drawn???


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Is that you????

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