Thursday, March 02, 2006

Rub a dub dub not in the Tub

I'm taking you back in my bathroom again. Out of my 40m2 apartment, I swear the bathroom takes up a solid 1/3 of it... maybe more. It's big. Bathrooms are much more important than kitchens here.

Typically you'll find the toilet in a room, the wash basin in another room and then the shower and tub in yet another. Phew, that's a lot of rooms. Once, when I was stumbling around at 2am, I realized that I didn't want all those rooms when I almost peed in the tub. My apartment just has a two-room bathroom: toilet & basin and shower & tub.

My instruction to you today is on how to take a bath. Whatever you do, don't shower in the tub. The tub is meant for relaxation. What you do instead is stand outside the tub - yes on the ground - and take your shower there. I feel so naughty doing it sometimes. But, it is such a liberating feeling to shower on the floor. I'm telling you, you need to break free of those pesty shower curtains.

Then after you clean yourself you get into the tub, which are super deep, to soak and relax. No soap, no bubble. It's just a wonderful thing. Gosh now I feel like I need one...

I think that's all I have to mention... except a story of course.

Ok remember some weeks back I introduced you to this sweet old couple who took their very first trip outside of Japan. Remember how they pooped all over the bidet. Anyway, this time all they wanted to do was to freshen up. Of course they had to take a shower the proper Japanese way. However, their family wasn't very happy to find that the old couple left the entire bathroom soaking wet - toilet paper and all - and the entire house flooded. Hehe =)

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