Monday, January 21, 2008

Barely Boarding

Japan is the perfect place for most all outdoor activities especially winter sports. Takes only a hour to get to the nearest mountain, which makes it easy to do weekend trips and day trips as many times as you care to.

I've been heading to the slopes once every year for the past 4 years. This year we went to the creme de la creme of snow resorts: Niseko. Known for Australians and oh yeh snow. But seriously, why are so many Australians here? I never really got to the bottom of that as I was busy tumbling down the slopes... head first mostly.

I hate skiing, I hate boarding, I hate snow, I hate cold. But still I do this to myself every year. Every year once I year I summon up all my courage and give it another go. I know you're asking the question. It's a question all my friends have asked me before. Deirdre, why do you keep going?

I'm not entirely sure really. But I think I'm hoping that this trip will be the turning point. This will be the trip where I return having loved it. So I keep hoping and I keep going. And I must say... this year... yeh this year I almost enjoyed it... ALMOST.

Stay Tuned for Next year's update!

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