Friday, December 28, 2007

Dee's Top 10 Girls

I had my cards read in Thailand over the holidays. One of the things she said she saw was that I was surrounded by a lot of good people. Good people who love and care about me. Well now, I didn't need a psychic to tell me that (^_^)

So I wanted to show you who these people are. Without them, my stay here would have been downright intolerable.

#10. Kaori - Born and raised Japanese but French by heart. She's married to a gorgeous French man and speaks English with French accent. Some say she even speaks Japanese with a French accent. She is the most elegant and sophisticated lady that I know.

#9. Irene - American born Chinese. Grew up in Jersey. Soft spoken with a very calm demeanor. She incredibly focused on her work and her goals. Even with all the chaos, when you're around her you can't help but be calm. She is the most mature lady that I know.

#8. Shamim - British born Indian. The youngest daughter of an enormous Indian family and an even bigger and multicultural extended family, she's lived the experiences of a woman twice her age. She's afraid of no one and can speak to the CEO of any company just as easily as she can the bathroom maid. She's the most fearless woman I know.

#7. Sandra - Born in Korea. She's travelled to Pakistan, Egypt, Nepal and countless others all by herself. She prefers to travel alone and loves to go off the beaten track just for the fun of it. She's the most adventurous woman I know.

#6. Tomoko - Japanese rebel. Studied in Vancouver but speaks English like an LA girl. She's addicted to tattoos and hair dye. She knows what she wants and does exactly that to the horror of her parents. It's weird to say but she's the most unapologetic person I know.

#5. Esther - Hong Kong born. We lived in NY at the same time but never crossed paths until we ended up in Japan. With her by my side, we rocked out the Tokyo nightlife. Now she's returned to HK and Tokyo has never been the same. She is the friendliest person that I know.

#4. Chika - She's ready to go any time any place. I can always count on her when I want to hang out or if I just need company. She has the cutest little dance. haha. She makes me laugh so hard all the time. She is the most energetic woman that I know.

#3. Ing - Born in Indonesia, she spent her teen years in Australia and he adult life in New Zealand. Now she's here for a little while and I'm so very glad. She's a little bit too wholesome for my taste but together we have become weekend brunch experts, coffee hideout experts and odd things to do in japan experts. She's the most honest person that I know.

#2. Susan - More affectionately known as Suzie, Sushi or Su-san. Scottish girl through and through. Some people have a hard time understanding her English and I've learned a lot of cool slang from her. She's outspoken, thoughtful and understands fully the matters of the heart. She's one of my dearest confidants and the toughest woman that I know.

#1. Denisha - You've seen her picture peppered throughout this page. She's African American with Latin blood. We have lots in common but what makes our friendship great are the many many many things we do not have in common! We've shared a great deal of experiences together and, although she's relocated to Hong Kong, we haven't missed a beat. She's the most imaginative and logical person that I know.

THESE are my girls.

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