Monday, July 17, 2006

Rapid Aging

Just got back from the US a couple of weeks ago. It was a fabulous trip in a number of ways. But I was most pleased with the recovery of my skin.

Since I moved to Japan, my skin had become extremely dry. It looked all wrinkly and gross. I was witnessing rapid aging right before my very eyes. Eek!

I really wasn't sure what was causing it and I was even less sure if it was a temporary symptom. I tried everything including an extensive array of moisturizers available here. Nothing seemed to work, it was devastating.

I slather on so much oil on my body that I was scared to use the stove or grill. No way would I be able to explain how I happened to catch on fire! Not in English, and certainly not in Japanese.

Fortunately, over my trip, it all went back to normal as if nothing ever happened. This is absolute proof to me that my grief was caused by the funky dry air in Japan.

Currently, though, I have no proof because it hasn't recurred since I got back.
But I'm not exaggerating. This was really happening to me.
I seriously need to get out of this place if only for the sake of my own vanity. HELP ME...


Jean, Junie, Jeval, Aidan, and Jordan said...

MMMMMmmmm... what could be the reason for the rejuvenation of your skin. Could it be because you saw your favorite aunt and cousins :)
I guess we'll never know.

We want you to know we were very happy to see you again.
Take care of your skin and remember you are welcome to the "skin treatment" anytime.

Japanese Island Girl said...

I think it was the good home cooking! Yum yum. Got any more of that pork?