Friday, June 16, 2006

Only in Japan - Part 1 - The Compact Mirror

Very often I see Japanese women carrying around some huge "compact" mirrors the size of a 5-star notebook. I see when they whip them out on the train to make sure every hair is in place and their flawless makeup is indeed flawless.

It's very odd to me that these ladies feel a need to walk around with a mirror that size. Try and imagine. That's the equivalent of walking around with a big roll of aluminum foil. Or, it's like carrying around the Tokyo Phone Directory. I mean, it would be nice to have but do you really need it?

I understand taking a quick look at yourself to check for broccoli in your teeth or boogers in your nose. But, portable dresser mirrors are too much.

Of course that means these mirrors must also be accompanied by a hefty makeup kit with all the fittings. I'd give anything to have these ladies dump all the contents of their purses on the floor.

Because, if you think about it, they'll have:
1. The notebook compact mirror
2. Makeup bag (with eyelash curler et al.)
3. Cell phone (which are bigger here)
4. Pen and note pad (to take the numbers of cute guys)
5. Wallet
6. Keys
7. Tissues
8. Candy
9. Lotion
10. Eye drops (they love eye drops)
11. Ipod
12. Extra pair of knee highs (yup knee highs not panty hose)
13. Life preserver
14. Fire extinguisher...

Ok ok, now I'm just making it up but you get my point.
I say we start a replica of the "burning bras" era and burn purses instead.
Men don't need them, so why do we?
So! Who's with me?!

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