Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Big Willy

I didn't make it to this year's Willy festival but I'm happy to report that they changed the color of the main attraction from pink to black. I bet that, after much consideration, the giant dildo committee realized that nothing that size can ever be pink.

So what's the story behind the big willy you ask?

Version 1 says that it's to celebrate the death of a female demon that liked to bite off men's privates. A monk fashioned an iron willy and it shattered her teeth as she tried to get a little nibble.

Version 2 says that the area had many of the "ladies of the night" and they had the festival to pray for protection against STDs. But today, the festival is used to raise funds for HIV/AIDS.

Things to do and see at the festival:
- See the traditional dancing and drumming
- Get hand-carved, organ-shaped turnips
- Buy an array of seductive candies and trinkets
- Hug and kiss the mighty Iron for good luck
- Watch the transvestite, gays & lesbians... (lesbians? get 'em outta here!)
- And of course, Ride the Wooden Stick of Looove

But whether it's version 1 or version 2 or both, one thing is for sure - these people are wah-wah-Wacky.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Japgirl

How are you? You are sure learning a lot over there and teaching us as well. Thanks for all the educational info.

We are going to try and log on more just to keep up.

Junie, Jean, Jeval, Aidan and Jordan

We miss you! Love Always!