Friday, January 13, 2006

Animal Japanese

I have a few stories of being lost in translation. On this day I was simply a hungry woman wanting some food - pork to be exact.

There are various lunch boxes that you can buy with either chicken, pork, fish or vegan. Unfortunately, I don't know many Japanese words as yet and these "lunch ladies" didn't know many English words.

So in frustration, I proceeded to say "Pork, pork, I want a pig Oink, Oink!" Luckily it worked but I later learned that pigs don't say "oink oink" here. Instead they say "buu buu".

"Wow," I thought out loud. "Do all your animals speak Japanese?"

So here are the translations:

Pig = Buu Buu (oink)
Frog = Kero Kero (ribbit)
Dog = Wan Wan (woof )
Sheep = Mee Mee (baa)
Horse = Hihiin (nay)
Cat = Nyaa Nyaa (meow)
Mouse = Chuu Chuu ( squeek)
Rooster = Kokekokko (cock a doodle doo)

It appears only cows can't speak Japanese.
But we already know they aren't the smartest animals around.


Tau said...

Have you been eatings frogs too?

Japanese Island Girl said...

I'm not in France silly. =P