Saturday, June 21, 2008

Me love you long time

What is it about being alone that is frightens women into compromising themselves for man? I know I've made a big assumption there, but what else could it be? Ok, I'd admit that some would be motivated by money, but for the most part it's the fear of loneliness.

In Asia, marriage is considered a sign of a successful life, age is considered a liability and intelligence is considered undesirable on a woman. With those kinds of pressures it's no wonder there's an abundance of amazing women hooking up with bottom of the barrel loser guys.

These are amazing women who have to dumb themselves down to be more desirable. They feel compelled to giggle excessively and pretend to have interests equal to their mates. They must be made up perfectly at all times and go out of their way in service of these guys.

These are guys who treat them poorly, guys who cheat regularly, guys who are jerks, dickheads, obnoxious, sleazy, and pervie... They put up with it just to have a bit of company. To make sure they're not alone for their b'days or holidays?

Rather than accepting these guys, I've chosen the alternative. I've chosen to be alone. And while it may seem sad on the outside, I believe I've made the happier choice.


Anonymous said...

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