Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dee's Top 10 Amendments

Yeh I knew this would happen. Complaints! Well I'm only human so let's make amends.

First, this is Ryu. I already messed up the roll call so I can't give him a number. Let's just say he's so important that no number can equal him... ok that's a bit of a stretch. Anyway I call him my Japanese first love. He was one of my very first friends when I moved here. He helped me immensely in selecting my apartment (which he insists on reminding me of every chance he gets). I think I make him nervous with my forwardness but ironically I think he enjoys it... a lot. ;-) He's the stingiest person that I know. hehehe.

Now, my dear friend Chika didn't like the description I gave her. She said it needed more"flower". So this is what we came up with... hehehe

"Chika smells soo nice if you hold her; moreover, when you touch her, you feel like you're in heaven... with flowers". hahaha I told you she makes me laugh too too much.

Anywho, for giving me so much trouble, I'm uploading a clip I have of her doing her cute little dance. Yeh, I'm bad. (^_^)

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