Sunday, December 10, 2006

Return of the Island Girl

Gee, has it really been nearly 3 months since I last reached out to you guys? Time has a weird tendency to slip by without being noticed.

Rest assured that my withdrawal doesn't mean that I have run out of interesting things to share.
On the contrary, I had a mouthful of stuff to go on about. It's just that they were all negative.

I found that I had hit a rough patch in my stay here and decided it was better to be silent that constantly bitching about trivial stuff.

For anyone that moves to a new country, you will fall into one of three categories. First category of people moves into a new place and loves it right away. Then before the year is up they just can't stand it.

Second group moves into a new place and hates everything about it. Before the year is up, they can't get enough of it. Third group moves into a new place and never leaves again - this new place is home. I can now safely say that I fit into group #1 very nicely.

I woke up one day and was in a perpetual state of "pissed off".
Men spitting everywhere pissed me off.
Sneezing and coughing without covering their mouths pissed me off.
People just breathing on me pissed me off... So I stopped writing

But thanks to all those who kept checking for my new entries. And thank you to the others that gave me a swift kick in the fanny.

Today, I still hate that stuff but difference is that I can laugh about it now. So let's keep the good times rolling on!


Vincy said...

Geee... I really missed the interesting stories.. I even passed your link onto a co-worker who spent some time in Japan :) Welcome Back!

Japanese Island Girl said...

Good looking out chica! You should come over and check things out too.

star analyst said...

I see you didn't really mention why you've been away for so long... word on the street is that black hostesses are giving the asian girls a run for their money... So is that where you got that new Louis... mm hmm...

Japanese Island Girl said...

Ah hem, Black Hostesses? No dear, it's just one that reigns supreme.

hehehe, but seriously, it'll be a sad sad day if this island girl was the best japan had to offer. A sad day indeed. ;-D