Friday, February 02, 2007

Love your own company

Transferring here as a single woman is difficult in ways I had not anticipated.

I expected to encounter the gender barriers I read about in my business class. Didn't happen.
I expected to encounter racial barriers. For me, no issues.
Barriers in making friends. Nope.
Language barriers. Not a big deal.

My greatest struggle here has been connectedness - having that someone close by who I can share my experiences and frustrations without restrictions. Given my history of sometimes isolating myself, THIS I didn't anticipate.

I've identified the different states of mind people in similar situations might go through. First, you're excited about not knowing anyone and living a new life. But eventually you enter homesickness. Then you go through various levels of self discovery.

Suddenly, you're so tuned in to your likes and dislikes. Things you never realised about yourself are more evident now. It's really refreshing actually.

But still, periodically, there are bouts of loneliness. And, in order to get over that, you need to find that place within yourself where you can truly enjoy your own company.

Before, I "isolated" myself by choice. Now, I have no choice except to Love My Own Company.

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