Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Celebrate the Now

Right now the Caribbean is celebrating what we call "August Monday" when the slaves of the Caribbean was emancipated in 1834 (no need to check the date).

Anyway, at this same time the Japanese is going through some sort of fireworks festival. No, not to celebrate independence - cause they were never really colonized. They spend millions of dollars every year to produce, throughout the whole country, the most spectacular fireworks display ever seen anywhere, all in the name of Summer.

Huh?! You mean as in sun and sunshine? Yup, that's right.

Yes we should remember our history and celebrate our accomplishments, absolutely . But it's so refreshing the way the Japanese also celebrates "The Now". We just don't do it enough. Again, we can learn something from the Japanese.

In Japan we have Ocean Day, Green Day, Children's Day, and Health & Sports Day. All are public holidays - no kidding. Here someone doesn't always have to die to get a day of appreciation.

Name one western holiday that doesn't involve dead people.
Veterans day - soldiers dead
Columbus day - Columbus dead
Martin Luther King day - Dr. King dead
Presidents day - George Washington dead
Christmas day - Jesus dead at least once
Thanksgiving - Pilgrims and Indians - dead and dead

See. Told Yah.

So I urge you, don't let some official tell you when and what to celebrate. You celebrate the most precious moments of your life. This moment. Celebrate the Now!

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